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situs slot is a space where gambling takes place. This space can be used for the operation of gambling only by an operator who has been granted a license by the Ministry of Finance. Only licensed games that meet legal requirements can be operated in the casino. In addition, each casino must include, among other things, a clearly placed game plan, minimum and maximum bets, and a warning from the Ministry of Finance about the harmfulness of gambling and possible dependence on it.

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Who is allowed to enter the casino and to whom entry is prohibited

This requirement is also laid down in the law, but the practice is a bit more complicated. Generally, no one under the age of 18 is allowed to enter the casino pangeran bola. This must be supervised by the casino itself at the entry of all players, who must legitimize themselves before entry, even though they are clearly over. This is the difference, for example, when buying alcohol, which may also be sold only to persons over the age of 18, but does not necessarily have to be legitimized, even though it is the right of every seller.

At the age of 18, it is also necessary to point out that this is really an entrance to the game space itself. Therefore, a minor will not be allowed to enter the casino, even if he does not want to participate in any gambling.

The law also states that no one who is on the Register of Natural Persons Excluded from Participating in Gambling is allowed to enter the casino. All persons who must not be allowed to enter the casino and play must be entered in this register. In particular, persons who receive benefits, are treated for gambling addiction or apply for registration themselves are entered in the register.

Although this condition is laid down in law, no register works yet and does not exist. So no people even enrol in it. In the future, however, before each player enters the casino, the casino will have to verify that the player is not on the register. Today, the casinos admit everyone who was 18 years old, because they have no way to verify further information about the player.

How to register at an online casino

While it is enough to come to a stone casino or game room with an identity card, at an online casino, registration is a bit more complicated. On the other hand, the game itself is much more comfortable and you only need to go through this registration once.

Registration at the online casino is as follows:

Online registration by filling out a form – The first step is online registration, which is no more complicated than registering for any other service. It is necessary to fill in all the data truthfully so that they can be verified from the identity card. After online registration, a temporary account will be created for you, when you need to complete the registration within 30 days of its creation, see step 2). If you do not complete the registration within 30 days, your temporary account will be cancelled and you will need to register online casino again

Completing Registration and Identity Verification – In this step, the online casino must verify that the registration information is correct and that you have indeed registered. In this step, you need to visit any branch of the online casino (or betting offices of the same operator) and complete the registration. In some cases, it is possible to use the services of a courier who will come to you and verify everything, or complete everything online via the internet banking of some banks, where the bank will transfer the casino data with your permission.

Setting limits and completing data – To complete the registration, you need to set or cancel game limits (bet amount, time spent in the game, maximum loss, etc.) and add the payment method (s) you will use for deposits and withdrawals.

After completing the registration, the account is ready to play. It is only possible to deposit and play with a temporary account, but the maximum deposit is 3,000 dollars according to the law. In addition, if the registration is not completed after the expiration of 30 days, the remaining funds will be refunded, but not more than the size of the deposit. All possible winnings above the amount of the deposit would therefore be forfeited.


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