Online video game platforms are in high demand these days, thanks to technological advances and the availability of people to face new challenges. So much so, that professional players and established athletes have wanted to actively participate in the online multiplayer version, in tournaments and motorsport events, ball sports and video games at an international level.


The year 2020 is full of changes, challenges and digital novelties that allow virtual players from any corner of the planet to participate and enjoy competitions that are linked to skill and ingenuity, through consoles, PCs or mobile devices, while you are at home.


Car racing, especially F-1, has many followers worldwide and the squads have wanted to be close to their fans through virtual competitions, using the F1 / 2019 video game available for Xbox One, Play Station and PC. , which clearly recreates the most emblematic tracks of the real competitions of this sport. In addition, participants of any age will be involved in an experience of vertigo and emotion, never seen before.


The football simulator EFootball PES 2020 and FIFA have become a very lucky novelty this year. Above all, because participants can access the game from their devices. In addition, footballers from the major leagues are present in virtual matches through the Play Station, which are broadcast on sports channels, to retain their prominence. Apart from that, football fans can wear the jersey of their favorite team through their avatar in each match.


The Battle Royale video game genre, which includes massive combat, survival, strategy and competition, is one of the most in-demand today. It has many titles available for Play Station, Xbox One Ps4, Nintendo and Pc. Outside of that, it also covers operating systems such as iOS and Android, which players adore for their legendary characters and the possibility of recreating massive battles with online multiplayer players from around the world, who will have to choose the precise side to win in a frank fight .


Video game developers think of everything and bring action and role-playing video games to smartphones under iOS and Android, where survival is crucial. Therefore, the solo player or with the multiplayer option must use all the strategies to hunt down demons, face terrifying creatures and challenge obstacles to preserve their life in scenarios that recreate great catastrophes.


The World Health Organization, WHO and many video game companies worldwide, joined in 2020 with an initiative called Play Apart Together, which seeks to offer entertainment and fun alternatives to all people, but above all it is aimed at conserving mental health and intercommunication of users, through participation in international tournaments and championships.

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